Siggraph 2011 Vancouver

Tracing Home
In the era of networked technology, the interplay of physical and virtual within our lived experience opens up portals and wormholes enabling simultaneous and discontinuous realities at the touch of a button, echo of a voice, or nudge of a sensor. The new dynamics not only reconfigures our relations with ourselves and with one another, but most importantly, it reshapes our sense of identity, belonging, and place. The SIGGRAPH 2011 Art Gallery: Tracing Home, presents exceptional digital and technologically mediated artworks that explore issues related to the concept of home in the networked age.

Art Gallery Chair
Mona Kasra

Annick Bureaud
Frank Dufour
University of Texas at Dallas
Michael Hohl
University of Huddersfield
Victoria Szabo
Duke University

Online Reviewers
Lee Arnold
Drew University
Anya Belkina
Emerson College
Ryan C Buyssen
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Maria Chatzichristodoulou
University of Hull
Gene Cooper
Four Chambers Studio
Dena DeBry
Buttonwillow Six
Annie Dissaux
Richard Elaver
Appalachian State University
Christa Erickson
Stony Brook University
Sue Gollifer
University of Brighton
Arthur Hash
State University of New York at New Paltz
Linda Lauro-Lazin
Pratt Institute
John Marshall
University of Michigan
Bonnie Mitchell
Bowling Green State University
Conor Peterson
University of New Mexico
Daniel Rozin
New York University
Matthew Shlian
Initiative Artist Collective
Gemma Shusterman
Victoria Szabo
Duke University
Deb Todd Wheeler
Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Ana Ursyn
University of Northern Colorado
Elona Van Gent
University of Michigan
Lina Yamaguchi
Stanford University